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The debut novel from Nicci Kadilak, The Other Women, takes reproductive choice to a dystopian extreme. In a world where women are prohibited from carrying their own babies, one woman's death leaves her best friend, Lucinda, and Emeka, the detective assigned to investigate her death, questioning everything they believed about the world. Sign up to receive deleted scenes, exclusive content, and publication updates so you can be the first to get your copy of The Other Women when it's released!

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    The Garden Society

    In a world where all female infants are sterilized and babies are incubated in nursery wombs at home, the Garden Society began as a way to ensure the world didn't lose sight of women's unique ability to bring new life into the world. But have its founders lost sight of its original purpose?


    Lucinda is the First Daughter of the Garden Society. She was the first woman in generations to become pregnant and give birth without the use of an artificial nursery womb, and she is committed to carrying out the Society's mission to allow women to choose for themselves. But when tragedy strikes, she begins to question everything.


    Emeka is a no-nonsense detective and family man who is assigned to investigate a simple premature death case. Soon, though, he finds out the case is anything but simple. Will he risk his career and redefine his values to protect those closest to him?